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If you don’t see a date that works for you, your friends or your family, we will be happy to accommodate your busy schedule if we can!


To request a sip & paint night (or a family painting day), choose the painting you would like to paint for your party from our galleries (or send us an idea you have in mind), then call/text or email Waynesville Art School to request a party date and time that work well for everyone.


We require a 2-spot deposit to secure the date. Submit the form below and we will get back to you ASAP.

Once we agree on the date, time, and images, please, proceed to Book Online > Request Your Party

The cost 

  • $90.00 ( 1 person)

  • $65.00/person ( 2 people)

  • $60.00/person ( 3 - 4 people)

  • $50.00/person ( 5 - 6 people)

  • $45.00/person (7+ people)

Add $15.00 if you choose to paint an image different from the image the rest of your party is painting. 

Mobile Paint & Sip Parties

  • $260.00 (up to 4 people)

  • Add $ 35.00 for each additional person

Please, note that additional fee maybe added to cover the travel time if it takes us longer than 20 minutes to reach your location 

Pet Portrait.jpg

Paint Your Pet 

​This is a three hour painting event. We will ask you to send a photo of your pet (or any animal - even if it's extinct) once you register, so we can sketch it for you on a canvas, so all you have to do once you come in is to paint, sip and relax. Maximum group size for Paint Your Pet class is 5 people


The cost 

  • $85.00 (1 person)

  • $75.00/person (2 - 3 people)

  • $65.00/person (4 - 5 people)

Thanks for submitting!

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